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Columbus Surfboards

Founded by Mor Mordehai Meluka in 2013 in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii, Denmark.
Named after his great grand father, Mordehai Columbus.
Mor chose to go back to his roots to find the name for his new line of Surfboards.

Growing up as a pro surfer, Mor started shaping and Designing boards in 2013 in Klitmøller,
North Denmark. Mor is using his surf experience to Design surfoards and bring you the best shapes and materials
possible. Working closely with experienced Shapers to create new models and improve some
of those we all know is a never ending journey.

Columbus Surfboards are representing who we are. Simple surfers who just want to have fun and
enjoy ourselves on the waves.

Weather if you are a pro or a soul surfer, beginner or experienced, Columbus Surfboards will get
you the right craft under your feet and take you back to the feeling of your first wave.